Earth Day + Stadtlander Raise The Bar

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Earth Day Gala — celebrating the winners of their annual awards, but also helping to raise much needed funds in support of the organization.


Since 1990, Earth Day Canada has been celebrating “Earth Day” with millions of schools, community organizations and individual Canadians across the country. They work with people from every sector of society to offer year-round programs that engage kids, teachers, youth, families, communities, government and business leaders in taking action for a healthier planet.

The annual Earth Day Gala is not just a fundraiser, it’s also a chance to meet and celebrate the winners of their annual Hometown Hero Awards. A�This year, winners included our friends at Not Far From The Tree! A�For a complete list of winners, visitA�

It was a little overwhelming standing in a room of such passionate and earth-minded individuals! Not a problem — there were many a snack or VQA wine to hide behind.


The highlight of the event (after the award winners! of course!) was the culinary creations of beloved locavore Chef Michael Stadtlander. Chef Stadtlander as his team created and orchastrated a symphony of edibles carefully highlighting the seasoned best ingredients.

There was brown butter sauteed asparagus, pit charred lamb, delicate dumplings stuffed with egg, cabbage and garlic. It went on and on!


Also supporting the cause were a host of Ontario wineries pouring everything from bubbles to baco (and many a rose!). Malivoire, Tawse and Southbrook were all on hand to help celebrate. As was the team from Mill Street Brewery for the craft beer lovers.


It’s no surprise that an environmentally focused organization like Earth Day Canada would choose local when celebrating with their champions. Supporting our farmers, artisans and winemakers isn’t just good for the economy and the appetite. It’s good for the planet.

We hope you’ll consider joining us next year — and who knows, maybe you’ll win the dance off on the self powered dance floor! On second thought, we’ve got really great moves.

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