Dishcrawl Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, September 12th 2011 Think of it as a pubcrawl, but with food!A� On October 5th, Dishcrawl will host Toronto food lovers through a secret set of restaurants in hopes of building community around local business and giving food lovers a chance to meet the chefs and owners of these establishments.A� Food lovers can reserve their seats for just $39 at LINK.A� Price of a ticket includes all food; drinks can be purchased cash the night of.

?The idea is to connect the people of Toronto with their city through various restaurants � from fine-dining, to local hot-spots.A� People will have a chance to experience the many exciting and unusual flavors our city has to offer.A� And, they�ll meet fellow foodies, and discover new parts of the city.? says Gretchen Wilson, Toronto Dishcrawl Organizer.

Dishcrawl founder Tracy Lee is excited about bringing Dishcrawl to Toronto.A� ?Dishcrawl has been extremely well received in Canada, and with so many restaurants reflecting the diverse culture of Toronto, it will be easy to expect the same success in Toronto.?

Another exciting element is the mystery behind Dishcrawls.A� Participating restaurants are kept secret, but following Twitter and Facebook might drop some hints of the locations visited.

Events typically last around 2 hours as the group eats and walks their way around new and interesting neighborhoods in the GTA.

To attend the Oct 5th Dishcrawl, fellow foodies can reserve their tickets at LINK.A� The Dishcrawl team will take you on an exclusive crawl to each restaurant on the secret tasting menu.A� This event is family friendly, and open to all ages.

About Dishcrawl

Dishcrawl is a national foodie start-up founded on the premise that communities can be brought together through good food and good company, four restaurants in one night.A� Rapidly expanding into new markets, dishcrawlers can currently join monthly progressive food adventures in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Ottawa, San Jose, Toronto, the Tri-Valley Area, and the Peninsula. Dishcrawl is currently headquartered in the Silicon Valley.


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