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Dillon’s launches new Ontario Peach Schnapps (and it’s awesome!)

Our friends at Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers in Beamsville have done it again. They’ve just launched a brand new, wildly delicious and totally Ontario, craft spirit — just in time for summer barbeque season!

It’s called, quite simply, Peach Schnapps.


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Years of experimentation have gone into this bottle and they couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s made from simple, honest ingredients reflective of all the things that make Niagara — their home turf — so great. What’s in that beautiful bottle? Fresh Niagara peaches, Ontario neutral rye base, and non-GMO cane sugar. That’s it.

Schnapps is an interesting liquor. Like gin, which Dillon’s is known for, it consists of a strong base spirit, flavoured with spices – but traditionally, schnapps has fruit and sugar added too. It’s very similar to (and sometimes interchangeable with) eau de vie or fruit brandy.

Peach schnapps is a classic rendition of this German-born beverage. Like it’s peppermint and butterscotch counterparts, it’s best used in cocktails or served over ice. If you’re looking for a truely Ontario way to taste it, try your hand at the recipe below!


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For more information, or to snag yourself a bottle (hurry! hurry! They’re almost gone!), head to store.dillons.ca and search Schnapps. They’re also available at their lovely bottle shop.


If you’re looking for information on other craft spirits and distillers in the province, head on over the Ontario Craft Distillers Association.