Curd on the Street: Volume XVIII

OCTA guest blogger Vanessa Simmons returns this week for another edition of “Curd on the Street”.

This week, Vanessa profiles Glengarry Fine Cheese and their Grand Prix winningA�Lankaaster cheese.

My cheese choice this week was an easy one, shining the spotlight on a local winner from the Oscars of cheese competitions, the 2011 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix. Named for a combination of the town of Lancaster outside of Alexandria (East of Ottawa off Highway 34) and ?kaas?, the Dutch word for cheese, is Lankaaster, winner in the semi-soft category. Accolades go to Glengarry Fine Cheese and gourmet artisan cheesemaker Margaret Morris.

Lankaaster is a semi-soft to hard cheese, made from the milk of local Brown Swiss cows, shaped in a loaf and coated in a colourful waxy rind. You�ll find it rich, dense, a little chewy, with barny aromas, butter and nutty flavours, and a mild fruity tang. The overall texture becomes dry and crumbly with age, and the cheese more intense. Yummy! Both Lankaaster Aged and Lankaaster are best mixed into or used to top your favourite pasta dish. Also available in a wide variety of flavours: Chive, Cumin, Peppercorn and Italian (Ladies take note � it�s a favourite among guys.)


Cheese: Lankaaster

Producer: Glengarry Fine Cheese

Interesting Fact: Lankaaster is a Gouda (pronounced ?How-da?)-style cheese, sharing the same characteristics as the international favorite Dutch farmstead cheese.

Enjoy! -A�VanessaA�Simmons

Vanessa Simmons is Savvy Company�sA�Cheese SommelierA�- A�and she knows her cheese! She has trained with the Cheese Education Guild in Toronto � Canada�s only comprehensive cheese appreciation program & spends countless hours with local cheesemongers and cheesemakers. Her passion for cheeses oozes while her knowledge will melt away all notions that Canada only makes cheddar. A�Read more ofA�Vanessa`s Curd on the Street blogA�or join her for anA�artisan cheese tasting event.


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