Curd on the Street: Volume XII

OCTA guest blogger Vanessa Simmons returns this week for another edition of “Curd on the Street”.

This week, Vanessa profiles Clarmell FarmsA�and their “Fresh ChA?vre” cheese.

Fresh ChA?vre from Clarmell Farms is the closest reflection you can get to the goat�s milk from which it�s made � in partnership with Paul and Grace Mussell (5th generation Mussell family farmers) and Glengarry Fine Cheese. An elegant chA?vre – it�s truly an expression of artisan cheesemaking mastery, and as Ottawa�s most ?local? cheese, well worth a farm visit down River Road to Manotick.

This soft, unripened goat�s milk cheese, with its rich, snow white, ?fluffy? textured paste gives a creamy, clean, fresh, tangy, taste with mild citrus flavours that linger long after you�ve savoured the first bite. A�Perfect for spreading (on anything!), crumbled on seasonal salads or melted over grilled vegetables/BBQ�d kabobs as a finishing touch. Clarmell�s chA?vre is best enjoyed on a patio or picnic blanket with friends and your favourite summer white wine in hand.


Cheese: Fresh ChA?vre

Producer: Clarmell Farms

Where To Buy: The Piggy Market (Westboro), Ottawa Farmers’ Market (Lansdowne), Clarmell Farms (Manotick), Glengarry Fine Cheese (Lancaster).

Interesting Fact: This chA?vre is classified as a ?fresh? cheese due to its high moisture content and the fact it is unripened (not aged).

Enjoy! -A�Vanessa Simmons

Vanessa Simmons is Savvy Company�sA�Cheese SommelierA�- A�and she knows her cheese! She has trained with the Cheese Education Guild in Toronto � Canada�s only comprehensive cheese appreciation program & spends countless hours with local cheesemongers and cheesemakers. Her passion for cheeses oozes while her knowledge will melt away all notions that Canada only makes cheddar. A�Read more ofA�Vanessa`s Curd on the Street blogA�or join her for anA�artisan cheese tasting event.

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