Curd on the Street: Volume XI

OCTA guest blogger Vanessa Simmons returns this week for another edition of “Curd on the Street”.

This week, Vanessa profilesA�Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.A�and their newest cow’s milk cheese, Morning Moon.

Having recently made its debut in the Ontario market, Morning Moon is Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.�s newest cow’s milk cheese is the sister cheese to Cape Vessey (goat�s milk version) that we all know and love. A tour of their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified facility is a must-stop for your next Prince Edward County getaway. A�If you�re lucky, you�ll catch a glimpse of master cheesemaker Stephanie Diamont working her cheese-y magic.

Morning Moon is a washed rind single note cow�s milk cheese, naturally aged. A thick terracotta-coloured rind covers the chewy, dense, firm, creamy, pale butter yellow paste. Savour full on flavour � earthy mixed with salt, fruit and a hint of spice. Pairs beautifully with a medium to full-bodied red wine such as a County Cabernet Franc or Pinot Noir.


Cheese: Morning Moon

Producer: Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.

Where To Buy: The Piggy MarketA�(Westboro)

Interesting Fact: Single note cow�s milk is milk used in cheesemaking sourced from one farm.

Enjoy! -A�Vanessa Simmons

Vanessa Simmons is Savvy Company�sA�Cheese SommelierA�- A�and she knows her cheese! She has trained with the Cheese Education Guild in Toronto � Canada�s only comprehensive cheese appreciation program & spends countless hours with local cheesemongers and cheesemakers. Her passion for cheeses oozes while her knowledge will melt away all notions that Canada only makes cheddar. A�Read more ofA�Vanessa`s Curd on the Street blogA�or join her for anA�artisan cheese tasting event.

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