Curd On The Street: The Super Snack

Featuring all Ontario artisan cheeses by Cheese Sommelier Vanessa Simmons, Curd On The Street has Vanessa tasting her way through Ontario’s tasty cheeses. This week, Vanessa says cheese(!) to a super snack!

Photo Credit: Vanessa Simmons

Cheese:A�A�The Fleur-en-Lait
Producer:A�A�Glengarry Fine Cheese
Interesting Fact:A� Cheesemaking is one of the main sources of income for many monasteries where monks follow the Rule of St. Benedict, stating ?for then are they monks in truth, if they live by the work of their hands?

Here�s a Curd on the Street tip for one of my ?go to? cheeses: A�The Fleur-en-LaitA�fromA�Glengarry Fine Cheese a short drive along Highway 34 just North of Lancaster, and South of Alexandria.A�A�The Fleur-en-LaitA�is produced from milk from Ayershire cows that graze on the cheese factory site grounds and is styled after popular Trappist St. Paulin cheese, aged for 4-5 months.

An apricot-hued washed-rind coversA�The Fleur-en-Lait�s pale gold smooth, silky, semi-firm open interior paste (cheese-speak for the inside of the cheese with small holes throughout). Aromas are pungent & wildly grassy as if you�re standing in the middle of a farmer�s field with the sun shining on your face. Complimentary rich flavors are an expression of summer milk, with nut, fruity, and grassy characteristics layered over a slathering of butter.

Unwind with a slice (or three) of this cheese and glass of wine & pair with Ladies who Shoot their LunchA�Shiraz orA�Tahbilk Viognier or Festivale beer from Beau�s All Natural Brewing Company.


Vanessa Simmons - Savvy Company Cheese SommelierVanessa Simmonsis the Cheese Sommelier for Savvy Company. Her tasting seminars and speaking events throughout Ontario make for a delicious discovery of artisan cheeses from across Canada. Vanessa spends countless hours with regional cheese mongers and cheesemakers and has trained formally at the Cheese Education Guild in Toronto and at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa.

Her passion for cheeses oozes and her knowledge will melt away all notions that Canada only makes cheddar. She�s been seen & heard on Rogers TV Daytime, CTV Morning Live, CBC Radio, RubyTV, is a keynote presenter at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival year after year, a judge at the 2013 Selection Caseus � Le Concours de Fromages Fins de Quebec.

It has been noted by The Toronto Star that she is ?openly fanatical about artisan cheese?. During her cheese tastings, Vanessa will show you the �whey� � introducing you to the fun-damentals of cheese appreciation in an informative and lively format while showcasing the best that Canada has to offer.

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