Curd on the Street: La Saler

Featuring all Ontario artisan cheeses by Cheese Sommelier Vanessa Simmons, Curd On The Street has Vanessa tasting her way through Ontario’s tasty cheeses. This week, Vanessa tackles an Ontario cheese with a French Twist!

Photo Credit: Vanessa Simmons

Cheese:A�Le Saler
Producer:A�Monforte Dairy, Stratford
Where to buy: The Piggy Market, Ottawa

Wait till you try this amazing AND rare artisan cheese! Le Saler made byA�Monforte Dairy, located in Stratford, is made by Canadian pioneer cheesemaker Ruth Khlasen�s.A� It’s her take on a rustic, cow�s milk cheese styled after traditional French Salers P.D.O. (cheese speak: Protected Designation of Origin) cheese.

Winter months can be a slow time for cheesemakers who make fine artisan cheese with seasonal milk, as they follow the natural order of life and process of pasturing. Milk production levels don�t increase until new baby lambs, kids or calves are born in early spring and the mothers have had a chance to rest. A happy mother equates to excellent quality milk and the perfect beginning to stunning artisan cheese!

Similar to handcrafted bandaged cheddar (but not able to be called ?cheddar�), Le Saler sports a dark, stone-colored rind covering a pale straw interior who�s crumbly texture shows evidence of original curd easily seen in the paste. Mild milk and earthy flavors mix with a hit of salt leaving a lingering creamy mouth feel behind.


Vanessa Simmons - Savvy Company Cheese SommelierVanessa SimmonsA� is the Cheese Sommelier for Savvy Company. Her tasting seminars and speaking events throughout Ontario make for a delicious discovery of artisan cheeses from across Canada. Vanessa spends countless hours with regional cheese mongers and cheesemakers and has trained formally at the Cheese Education Guild in Toronto and at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa.

Her passion for cheeses oozes and her knowledge will melt away all notions that Canada only makes cheddar. She�s been seen & heard on Rogers TV Daytime, CTV Morning Live, CBC Radio, RubyTV, is a keynote presenter at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival year after year, a judge at the 2013 Selection Caseus � Le Concours de Fromages Fins de Quebec.

It has been noted by The Toronto Star that she is ?openly fanatical about artisan cheese?. During her cheese tastings, Vanessa will show you the �whey� � introducing you to the fun-damentalsA�of cheese appreciation in an informative and lively format while showcasing the best that Canada has to offer.

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