Culinary Tourism Alliance seeks Project Coordinator

Position Available: 1
Reports to: President & CEO
Direct Reports: N/A
Hours: Full time, 6-month contract with possibility for extension
Salary: $45,000 annually

Application deadline to submit: March 2, 2018
Application start date: March 12, 2018

About CTA

Food serves to connect us with the land, our heritage and the people around us. It is a diverse and dynamic channel for sharing stories, forming relationships and building communities. By combining local food and drink with travel, food tourism offers both locals and tourists alike an authentic taste of our bountiful province while contributing to a sustainable world economy.

By bridging the gap between the food and travel industries, we are strengthening the links between the viticulture, agriculture, and aquaculture sectors to the hospitality sector to promote the growth of food tourism. Our work lies in developing strong relationships between growers, chefs, processors, restaurateurs, accommodation providers, distributors, government and industry organizations. But above all, we act as the leading voice to share Ontario�s culinary stories with passion and pride.

The Culinary Tourism Alliance is leading efforts in research, education and product development to promote the growth of the industry.

About Feast OnA�

Feast OnA� is a foodservice certification program that is awarded to restaurants that can prove significant procurement of Ontario foods and beverages. Feast On? provides educational opportunities to the designees to assist them in increasing their procurement from Ontario growers and producers. It provides a network connecting designees to growers and producers that are primed to sell to them. The Feast OnA� certification assures visitors and locals alike that when they dine at these establishments, they are getting an authentic taste of Ontario.

The Project Coordinator will be supporting the Feast OnA� certification program. You will reach out to foodservice operators (from food trucks to fine dining establishments) to educate them about the value of achieving the Feast OnA� certification. You will activate the designation benefits and deliverables. You will reach out to growers, producers and distributors to bring them on board as Preferred Purveyors for the Feast OnA� program. You will create dynamic educational and networking events that teach Feast OnA� designees how to increase their procurement of Ontario foods and beverages. You will develop engaging marketing campaigns to encourage visitors and locals alike to seek out Ontario�s authentic taste of place by using Feast OnA�.

Some of the things you�ll get paid to do


  • Reach targets to attract new foodservice establishments and Preferred Purveyors into the Feast OnA� program
  • Foster and maintain relationships with Feast OnA� certified establishments, Preferred Purveyors and Program Partners, including recertification, communication of program benefits, program and financial reporting
  • Collaborate on developing and implementing education and networking opportunities to support the program
  • Contribute to broader teamwork on administration, communications, evaluation, fundraising and budgets
  • Track, analyze and respond to inquiries from potential Feast OnA� certified restaurants


  • Work with team to develop industry and consumer events to increase awareness of Ontario foods and beverages.
  • Recruit Feast OnA� stakeholders to participate in events

The things you can�t believe you�ll be getting paid to do

  • Have a hand in reshaping the way visitors and locals alike experience a true taste of Ontario
  • Put more Ontario food and beverage on menus across the province
  • Help the foodservice industry make connections to exciting new local food businesses and distributors
  • Put your professional and personal strengths to work in a growing and dynamic organization

Required Education and Experience

  • 5+ years of project management experience in community-based / non-profit organizations
  • 3+ years of sales experience
  • Demonstrated experience with program planning and evaluation
  • Numerical fluency, including experience with budgeting and costing models
  • Valid Ontario driver�s license
  • Computer skills including Google Apps, Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress and ease of using cloud systems such as Dropbox

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Knowledge of Ontario agriculture and foodservice sectors
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate with various stakeholders
  • Troubleshooting and creative problem-solving
  • Desire to improve Ontario�s food culture
  • Strong organizational skills, time-management skills, and detail-orientation
  • Ability to tackle multiple projects simultaneously and work in a fast-acting manner


  • Bilingual in English & French
  • Passion for nutritious and delicious food, an excellent palate, and exceptional sensory skills

Please email your rA�sumA� and cover letter explaining why you�d be a great fit for this role!

The CTA is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage applications from diverse backgrounds and communities.

No phone calls, please. We�ll contact applicants that fit the bill and invite them in for an interview.

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