The Ontario Hostelry Institute


The OHI was established in 1977 by the leadership of the hospitality-tourism industry in Canada, the Institute has sought to raise the standards of professional post-secondary hospitality programs in our Colleges and Universities while serving as the advocate for the industry in matters relating to professional culinary, hospitality and tourism education, training and apprenticeship.

The Institute has pro-actively provided the much-needed financial assistance to the best and the brightest College and University students who are seeking life-long careers in this industry. Thanks to past support we have our own reason for celebration, now after almost 25 years we have almost raised $2 million for the development of people within our industry.

Revenue from the annual Gold Awards Dinner, and generous support from the corporate sector of our industry, continues to make this possible and to expand this activity.

The Gold Awards Dinner is our opportunity each year to celebrate excellence and success, both from amongst our industry leaders, first through the Gold Award Honours, the Fellows of the Institute and the Chairman’s Award and from the rolls of our Colleges and Universities and through professional development awards for the rising-star members of the industry.


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