Craft Brewing Gets (Even More) Creative!

CABToronto’s newest brewery is having an art attack! Founded by Matt Johnston and Bob Russell, Collective Arts Brewing combines two artistic endeavours – craft brewing and the creative arts industry to produce some truly awesome ales.

It makes sense – craft brewing and the arts are a natural fit as both pursuits thrive on creativity, collaboration and originality. A�For Matt and Bob, Collective Arts Brewing presents a unique, thirst-quenching way for the owners (and fellow craft beer lovers) to support emerging artists and the arts community.

With a limited-edition first run of labels designed by 93 carefully curated artists, photographers, filmmakers and musicians, from within the province and beyond, each bottle from Collective Arts Brewing is literally a work of art. A�The first series features Toronto artists Samantha Chiusolo, Ashley Floreal and Dan Springer A�The next art label series is slated for mid-December of this year (how’s that for a good-looking holiday gift?).

artist beer

Collect them all!

Tell me about the beers you say? We’re glad you asked! Here are a few more details from Collective Arts Brewing themselves:

RR_bottle_002Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale

This ale showcases the very best hops have to offer. At onlyA�5.7% abv., it�s far more sessionable than your typical American IPA. The i��avour andA�aroma of Citra, Centennial, Chinook and Simcoe hops prevail without excessiveA�bitterness for maximum drinkability. Malt sweetness of Pale Ale, Crystal Carafoam andA�Wheat Flakes in the background complements the hops for a crisp i�?nish.

Saint of Circumstance, Citrus-Infused Blonde AleA�

Saint of Circumstance is an easy drinking blonde ale with a twist. Infused with the zestA�of oranges and lemon citrus fruits, the refreshing i��avour is complemented with Citra,A�Amarillo and Sorachi Ace hops, which also have wonderful citrus proi�?les. The result isA�a remarkably smooth blonde ale with just the right amount of zing.

Next on tap – the brewery is already hard at work on a Double IPA and a Saison. A�Collective Arts Brewing are aiming to be gypsy brewers, planning to partner and collaborate with other brewers and brewmasters. A�Currently, their brewmaster-in-residence is Ryan Morrow, who’s splitting his time between the new brewing company and Nickel Brook Brewery, where he has worked since 2006, creating a bevy of awesome, award-winning brews.

Want to go behind the bottle? Thanks to some pretty nifty BLIPPAR technology, each bottle has a barcode that when scanned using the BLIPPAR app on a smartphone connects the beer lover to interactive links about their bottle’s featured artist, including their bio and other works.

Ready to BLIP out? Look for Collective Arts Brewing’s first two brews – the Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale hits LCBO shelves this October and the Saint of Circumstance will be available on draft at local restaurants soon!

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