9 Reasons to Pick Up Your Passport to Hoppiness

If you thought passports only took you to different countries, think again. Toronto’s Craft Beer Passports won’t, in fact, let you leave the country, but for once, that’s a good thing. Don’t believe us? Just wait until you put your passport to use.


In case there’s any doubt, these are nine reasons why you should pick up a Craft Beer Passport aka your passport to hoppiness. 

Toronto craft beer passport


1. No grim, frizzy haired photos necessary to acquire this passport. Just a few hard-earned dollars (that we assure you will be well-spent). The passport sells for $20 per district (East vs. West) or $30 for the pair.


2. Live in the west end? Get yourself an East End passport! Seriously. It’ll push you finally to finally cross the Don River. You’ll quickly realize it’s actually pretty darn awesome on the other side. 


Craft beer passport and cherry saison.


3. SUPPORT ALL THE LOCAL BUSINESSES! The participating establishments are all local businesses and the craft beers on tap are all Ontario craft beers. The passport encourages you to check out bars and beers that may not be on your radar. That meaning more local spots get to meet your cheery, beer-loving self, and hopefully you find a few new fave watering holes and bevvies along the way.


4. The more passport stamps you have, the more cultured you are. That rule applies to Craft Beer Passports just as much as government-issued ones. So go on, get cultured. Bonus: when someone you haven’t seen for a while asks you what you’ve been up to for the last few months, you can say you were filling up your passport. NBD.

East side passport craft beer

Gettin’ those stamps on the East Side. Photo by @maksimvnekrasov.


5. For once, using your passport isn’t going to cost you a fortune. No pricey flights with hidden fees and $25 checked luggage woes. Your first beer is $2 – that’s right, a toonie! – and you don’t have to worry about whether or not your backpack will fit under the seat in front of you.


6. Craft beer is super Instagrammable. We probably don’t need to say much more, but nonetheless, follow @craftbeerpassport and #craftbeerpassport for the latest from the field.

Craft beer passport and food

Craft beer likes food. Food likes craft beer. Photo by @viiivian_wang.


7. Most of places on the passports also serve food. Really good food. #twobirdsonestone


8. It’s yet another excuse to hang out with your friends. Grab your squad, ensure they’re all passport-ed up, and head for the bars! Make it a weekly tradition and hit up a new ‘hood every week. That’s what we’re doing, because brews are better with crews. You heard it here first (probably not, but that’s okay).

Three craft beers with the Craft Beer Passport

Three’s company with a Craft Beer Passport! Photo by @baulafett.


9. Craft beer is really, really great. It’s delicious and inventive. It’s creative and often has punny names. The more craft beer we drink, the stronger the local economy gets. More demand creates more jobs, which creates more beer which creates more happy citizens. And we all want to be hoppy, er, happy, right? Do it for the kids.

Craft Beer Passports are available online at craftbeerpassport.ca. They’re valid from June 1 to November 30, 2016, so you have plenty of time to get your beer on. There are two passports – West End and East End. Hoppy travels!

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