Community Supported… Beer!

Something different is brewing at the Kensington Brewing Company. They’ve launched a new initiative–a first for the Ontario brewing scene: Community Supported Beer (CSB).

AA CANThis exciting initiative aims to involve the community in the construction of their new brewery in Toronto’s favorite off-beat ‘hood–and the companies home: Kensington Market.

Like Community Supported Agriculture programs–an alternative model of agricultural distribution, their CSB is an opportunity for beer enthusiasts to pre-purchase limited edition and experimental beers.A� It will also include perks at their new retail store and bar–when it opens and access to exclusive beer experiences.

As you can imagine, building a brewery from scratch is an incredibly expensive proposition. From building modifications to brewing equipment, the cost of construction is immense. The profits from the CSB program will be put directly back into the brewery–specifically pieces like the fermentation vessels, a key component of any brew house.

Brock Shepard, founder of the Kensington Brewing Company, says ?Once people can come in and have a pint, people will understand us and we�ll start to get more involvement from the community.?

You can register online for one of 5 unique–and aptly named–tiers:

  • “Keg Washer” – $50.00
  • Brewery Intern – $100
  • Assistant Brewer – $275
  • Head Brewer – $500
  • Brew Master – $1200

Perks are different depending on your level of commitment, but include things like gift cards, an invitation to their annual Brew House Bash and even private brewing lessons.

Whatever tier you choose, they promise a genuine, proportionate return on your involvement, and the added satisfaction of knowing that you helped build their brewery!

About The Kensington Brewing Company

The Kensington Brewing Company is located in the diverse and highly eclectic neighbourhood of Kensington Market – a rich, historic and festive community in the heart of Toronto. Our philosophy can be summed up in three words: Drink Good Beer. Good beer is made with all natural ingredients and time-honoured methods. It’s not adulterated with strange chemicals and preservatives. It’s not watered down and definitely isn’t bland. It tastes…good!


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