Choco-Love in the City

There are quite a few perks to being the Province’s leading culinary tourism experts.A� My favorite is definitely that we get to explore and discover all things delicious on a daily basis.A� I was recently invited to join in on a deliciously sinful chocolate tour of Toronto with the fine folks behind Tasty Tours.

Led by the ever knowledgeable Audrey Ooi, the tour has you weaving amongst the many culinary delights of west Toronto, including SOMA Chocolatiers, Forno Cultura in Alimento Fine Food Emporium, Arepa Cafe, ChocoCrepe, and Nadege Patisserie.

Each group gets a chance to sit down with the chocolate makers and morph-ers to learn about the process and intricacies of chocolate making in their particular style.A� It is intimate, informative and well worth the walk!

At the end of it all comes my favorite part, the TASTING!A� Whether it’s gloriusly dark and rich at SOMA, fair trade and fantastic at Arepa Cafe or delicately transformed by skillful choco-Chefs at Chococrepe, Nadage or Forno Cultura–it’s sure to have your mouth watering!

I highly recommend this experience for anyone with a sweet tooth–and a love of discovering hidden treasures amongst Toronto’s many gems!

For more information on Tasty Tours and the various experiences they facilitate, visit:

You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter @Tasty_Tours!


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