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Tasty Tid-Bits: Recipe for Economic Development Success

Culinary Tourists: Recipe for Economic Development Success

There is only one activity in which virtually all tourists will participate. EATING.

Whether your strengths are adventure, culture, horticulture, heritage or sport, adding a culinary element to your product development will enhance the experience and have an impressive economic impact.

Here are a few facts to consider:

? Culinary Tourism is a growing trend
? Food and wine (beverages) are vital components of the tourism experience and
are increasingly being seen as travel motivators in their own right
? Eating local food has a 3:1 impact on local economy (Local Food Plus)
? Consuming Ontario wines has an 11:1 impact (Wine Council of Ontario)
? The average Culinary Tourist spends double that of a generic tourist (Ryerson
University Study)
? The International Culinary Tourism Association identifies Ontario as one of the
top 3 world-wide leaders in culinary tourism in their 2010 The State of the
Culinary Tourism Industry Readiness Index Study.

And there�s more…

Culinary Tourists are more affluent:

Culinary Tourists are participatory:

Culinary tourism offers the opportunity for people to understand culture through food and folklore. By combining travel with local food and drink experiences,culinary tourism offers both locals and tourists alike an authentic taste of our bountiful Province.

For more information about developing culinary tourism strategies, products and
experiences please contact us at [email protected]