Cheryl got Pickled at the Brick Works!

Last Saturday I joined the kids in the Growing TasteBuds program as we all learned how to pickle! Special guest Joel MacCharles of Well Preserved along with Brick Works chef facilitator Joshna Maharaj led the way in this fun, hands-on session. Armed with fresh beans, lots of garlic, dill and hot chili peppers for the more adventurous, we learned everything we need to know to transform the fleating summer’s bounty into treats we can enjoy all year round. While we were working with beans, we learned the preserving process from top to bottom so that we take on other veggies at home. We carefully filled our sterilized¬† jars with our beans, added our flavours and hot brine, boiled the jars and then waited in anticipation to hear the “pop” – the jar letting us know that it is perfectly sealed. Not surprisingly, the Fall Growing TasteBuds program sold out. It is such a wonderful way for kids to experiment in the kitchen, learn to cook, and find out about the importance of making good food choices. And, I can tell you, Joshna and Joel ensured they had a ton of fun doing it! Check out the Evergreen Brick Works website: to find out more about all of the great things they’re doing as well as for info on the Winter Growing TasteBuds program. You can find out all you need to know about preserving including recipes of all sorts at Joel’s “Well Preserved” website:
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