Chef Bangerter wins Iron Chef Canada Battle

A big win took place this month for executive chef and sous chefs of Feast On Certified restaurant, Langdon Hall.

Chef Jason Bangerter and sous chefs Philippe de Montbrun and Dan Angus entered the Iron Chef Canada kitchen stadium for a head-to-head battle with iconic Canadian chef Lynn Crawford. chef jason bangerter iron chef canadaThe team had one hour to prepare five dishes that were pitted against the Iron Chef and judged by the panel of highly esteemed critics including Suresh Doss, Marie-Claude Lortie, and Jonathan Cheung. The secret ingredient incorporated into each dish . . . venison! Win or lose, Bangerter’s only focus was to showcase the amazing cuisine prepared at Langdon Hall, “I wanted to show the judges what dining at Langdon Hall is all about so all our dishes evolved around the Langdon Hall property,” he explains. “We served our first dish on sunflowers from Langdon’s garden with one of my favourite ingredients—truffle.” As the battle came to an end, both Crawford and Bangerter raced their dishes to the judges table with seconds to spare. After the enjoyment of each course, it was a nail-biting few moments before it was finally revealed that Team Bangerter’s cuisine reigned supreme in Battle Venison! Judges analyzed each dish based on scoring for taste, plating, originality, and the inclusion of a culinary curveball. Bangerter was excited when venison was revealed as the secret ingredient, admitting that  “I love game and I come from a family of hunters on my dad’s side. To be honest, if I didn’t do well, I knew I would never live it down at the hunt camp.” As a seasoned chef, Bangerter recognizes the importance of incorporating competition into your culinary career and encourages his staff to participate. For sous chef Philippe de Montbrun, it was a chance of a lifetime. “It was a thrilling and bonding experience for my sous chefs and me,” explains Bangerter. “I am so proud of these two cooks since this was the first competition for both of them and they rocked it.” This was brilliant opportunity for the Langdon Hall team to watch fellow teammates not only compete but win in the relaunch of Iron Chef Canada. From the team here at the Culinary Tourism Alliance we want to extend our congratulations to both Langdon Hall and the chefs that competed this past month.

Congratulations chef! It’s a well deserved win.

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