Cheese Tasting Pt 1 – OCTA at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

On a rainy Saturday the OCTA Team arrived in Prince Edward County for the first-ever Great Canadian Cheese Festival. After checking into One Main B&B we zipped over to the Historic Crystal Palace fairgrounds to attend our afternoon cheese tasting sessions!

Here is a breakdown of the tastings I attended. Part 2, coming soon!

Wine or Beer with Cheese: How Does One Decide?
Presenter: Andrew LalibertA� of Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, chef and sommelier

Andrew of Fifth Town Artisan Cheese led this fascinating sessions where attendees compared the differences in pairing cheeses with wine versus pairing them with local brews.

On the plate:
Fifth Town Lost Lake
Clos St. Ambroise
Marquis de Temiscouata
Black River 8year Old Cheddar
Les Menestrel
Le Ciel de Charlevoix


Paired With:
Sparkling from Grange of PEC
Creemore Beer
Harwood Pinot Gris 2009
Sail Dark Ale from Barley Says
Kent-he Pinot Noir 2007
Rosehall RunA� Cab Franc 2009
Beau’s Imperial Stout

Some cheeses are a natural with craft beer pairings – you shouldn’t feel like you always need to pair your fine cheeses with fine wine. The sharpness in the old cheddar and spicyness of the Ciel de Charlevoix were mellowed by the natural yeastiness and herbacious flavours imparted by the beers.

Creamy and luxurious cheeses match well with bubbly and fresh, zesty whites. The acidity in the beverages works well with the soft, earthiness of mellower cheeses.

Enjoying mild and firmer cheeses with red wine is a good way to go. They stand up nicely to the bold, fruity flavours in the wine.

Above all – find out what you love to match and create your own pairings! Your palate rules supreme!

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