Cheese Tasting Part 2. – OCTA at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival’

Artisan Cheese in Ontario:
One hears a lot about the fantastic fromage produced in Quebec, but cheesemakers in Ontario are producing some of the best-tasting cheeses in the land. Taste examples of Ontario pride, paired with Ontario wine and craft beer.
Presenter: Vanessa Simmons of Savvy Company, cheese sommelier

Vanessa Simmons’s bubbly energy filled the room as she lead this afternoon tasting session at the Great Canadian Cheese Festival. Along with her brilliant selection of artisan cheeses from Ontario, Simmons helped session attendees explore their passion for the curd.

On the Plate:
-Raw Milk Feta from Best Baa
-Glengarry Figaro
-Fifth Town Operetta
-Fifth Town Morning Moon
-Mariposa Lindsay Cheddar
-Upper Canada Niagara Gold
-Best Baa Eweda Cru

Paired With:

Huff Estates 2010 Pinot Gris
Rosehall Run RRV Pinot Noir

Whether you like to enjoy your cheese with white or red, there’s really no way to go wrong if you’re drinking it alongside a vibrant Ontario artisan cheese.

Whether it’s raw milk cheese or aged cheddar, be sure when tasting to let the cheese linger on your tongue. Let it coat the roof of your mouth and really savour all the flavours you can perceive.

Store your cheeses in tupperware containers or parchment paper to let them breathe for flavour expansion. Buy cheese as you need it and don’t let it sit in the fridge too long. Don’t be afraid to make friends with your cheesemonger and try something new every time!

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