Celebrate Your Love Of Local Food with Food Day Canada

It’s Food Day Canada this week! How are you celebrating? All across the county, people are gathering around the table to share in the bounty of our land, seas and lakes.

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Beautiful Ontario-grown heirloom tomatoes with charred corn and basil — part of the locally-sourced feast cooked by George Brown culinary students at the Food Day Canada luncheon earlier this week.

Earlier this week, we sat down with Anita Stewart, Founder of Food Day Canada, at George Brown College to celebrate her achievements over the last decade.

What started as a would-be-one-time event has turned into a nationwide celebration of our food and culture. Held on Saturday, August 5th; it’s is a chance for all Canadians to join hands in one massive celebration in praise of our farmers and fishers; our chefs and researchers�and, above all, our home cooks.

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It wouldn’t be a celebration of Canadian food without butter tarts! These are from the talented students at The Chefs House, a great #FeastOn Certified spot in Toronto.

Besides publishing more than a dozen books, receiving the order of Canada and founding Food Day Canada, Anita is now also one of George Brown College’s ‘Canadian Treasures’. “She was a natural choice” said Chef John Higgins, Director of the George Brown Chef School. “We wanted to celebrate the people who make Canadian food amazing.”

Accepting the honour during a beautifully plated, perfectly prepared luncheon last week; Anita mused about our need to be proud of our food culture and the people growing and creating here in Canada. Pride is something we’re still working on. It feels distinctly un-Canadian to voice it, but it’s a necessary endeavor for our food culture to grow. There is so much to be proud of here.

So, the message is simple. This weekend, go home and cook something grown here. Make it your own and share it — loud and proud. #CanadaISfood after all.

A Message From Food Day Canada

Whether you�re shopping at a farmers� market, grilling in your back yard, cooking for hungry diners in your restaurant, camping or paddling in our great outdoors, just add the hashtag #FoodDayCanada or #CanadaIsFood to your posts on Twitter & Instagram.

We want to see burgers and bergy bits; clams from the seashore and seaweed in salads; steaks on the Q and corn in the pot. We�d love to see the farmers and fishers; vendors and home gardeners who make this land so very, very rich.


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