From the farm to the table, it’s easy to be inspired by Ontario’s endless parade of edibles. With “Taste Tested“, OCTA’s staff are sharing their freshest finds and dishing out their favourites of the season. Come discover what’s on our table – literally!

Taste Tested: Cranberry Pear Sauce

By Agatha Podgorski

We’re getting a little saucy this holiday season.A� This week, Agatha’s sharing the perfect sidekick for gobbling up the bountiful birds that are sure to be gracing Ontario tables this Christmas.

Taste Tested: Beef & Bok Choy Salad

By Julia Gilmore

This week, Julia’s setting the DeLorean ahead a few months for a sneak peak at Foodland Ontario’s 2013 calendar. A�The future is friendly…and flavourful!

Taste Tested: Meatball Subs

By Agatha Podgorski

This week, it was all hands on deck as Agatha got the ball rolling and inspired Julia to test her sea legs with some sensational submarines!

Taste Tested: Sesame Honey Sprouts

By Julia Gilmore

This week, Julia’s taking the lowly Brussels sprout for a terrific turn on the Orient Express with a recipe that’s as fast as it is flavourful.

Tasted Tested: The Perfect Carrot

By Culinary Tourism Alliance

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