Catching Up On All Things Edible with Evergreen

Spring and early summer are a great to time to support and celebrate seasonal and local food across the province. That burst of fresh (and wild!) edibles is somehow able to excite even the most passive of food enthusiasts.A� From asparagus to maple syrup, local and seasonal ingredients are on menus, in markets and inspiring programming.


Through a wide range of food programming, The Evergreen Brick Works is empowering Ontario’s food lovers to take an active role in supporting their own health and a sustainable, accessible and healthy food system.

Check out what they have on their table this season:

  • Strengthening the local food economy, supporting and celebrating local, small scale and artisanal food production. This includes the popular Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market, along with a Community Supported Agriculture program, and events like the upcoming Blueberry Festival in Toronto.
  • Promoting overall healthy living through a range of food workshops, camps, community kitchens and other programs that combine food literacy with outdoor recreation.
  • Exciting ways to learn from Ontario local loving chefs like the new Cooking at the Market Series

In this growing area of Evergreen’s programs, volunteers like you are helping to develop healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Want more (ever)green food ideas and experiences?

Follow these 10 tips from one of Evergreen’s Urban Ecology project managers, JR Leo, for responsible food foraging. Plus, check out his top three common species you can use to go a little wild with your salads!

Get started with these recipes featuring some of the season�s best ingredients!

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