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Can a Butter Tart get any better? Yes. Yes, it can.

Is there any dessert out there more Canadian than the humble buttertart? If it could apologize for nabbing the title, it would. Well, big news folks; the quintessentially Canadian butter tart just got even more Canadian.

The bakers along the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour have banded together to create a unique collection of ‘Canadian’ flavoured tarts to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

The Trudeau, Rick Mercer, the Nanaimo Bar, Stompin’ Tom, True North, Cavan Blazer, Canada 150, the Lumberjack, the Goose, Maple Ice Wine, S’more and the Maple Bacon Goat Cheese are just a few of the new flavours now available along the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour.


  • Maple Bacon Goat Cheese Butter Tart by South Pond Farms
    You’d think adding cheese to a butter tart would put it over the top, but to that we say: NAY! This locally inspired tart features heritage buckwheat flour, Ontario maple bacon and Crosswind Farm chevre
  • The Stompin’ Tom by Doo Doo’s Bakery
    Made with Canadian Maple Whisky, this truly Canadian treat would make the musician it’s named for proud!
  • Apple Pie With Cheese Curd Crust by Firefly Bakery
    Salty, sweet, perfectly balanced — we love the cheddar cheese/apple pie pairing!

Today we’re excited to reveal the new Canadiana Collection,? said Brenda Wood, Executive Director of Kawarthas Northumberland. We’ve got 29 new flavours, and we’re thrilled to have 15 bakeries with samples here today. The variety is amazing and we invite everyone to come to Kawarthas Northumberland and taste for themselves.?

In true Canadian fashion, the tarts were officially revealed by canoe! Paddlers from the Canadian Canoe Museum paddled along the Trent-Severn Waterway to the Silver Bean Cafe, outfitted in traditional Voyageur garb, before transferring the precious cargo of tarts to Stu Harrison, an avid butter tart fan and GM of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.

About the Butter Tart Tour

While we didn’t invent the iconic Canadian treat that is the butter tart, we’ve most certainly perfected the delivery of these sweet treats! The Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour combines dozens of stops offering some of the best butter tarts in Ontario into one fun-filled, family-friendly tour.