Calling all chefs! Enter to win the ultimate popcorn contest in Norfolk County

Did you know Norfolk County is Canada’s leading grower of popping corn?

unnamedSeveral chefs in Norfolk County have expressed enthusiasm for the Chef’s Popcorn Seasoning Contest to be held at the Norfolk Popcorn Party at the Routes to Roots Film Festival in September.

Join this cool downtown renewal initiative by bringing your creative energy and skills to the Canada’s FIRST EVER popcorn festival!

Here is how the contest will work:

Chefs prepare (in an inspected food premise) popcorn seasoning in any category they wish:

  • Sweet
  • Savoury
  • Spicy
  • Local Ingredients

For our inaugural year, we’re only expecting one entry per chef. If you would like to enter more, contact me.

By Aug 21, you will submit a Certificate of Insurance (no charge from your insurer). Details are outlined on the entry form. We need this for the Health Unit.

On Sept 21, chefs who enter will supply one litre of sealed dry seasoning powder to our office, including a list of ingredients / food allergens.

On Sept 22 at the Norfolk Popcorn Party on Robinson Street in downtown Simcoe, the general public will taste the seasonings (on fresh popcorn from the Townsend family farm), then vote on their favourites. Our volunteers can dispense the seasoning, or you are welcome to be there or send staff to assist.

  • Prizes: Winners will be awarded in each category and for Best in Show. Bragging Rights are yours for the FIRST EVER popcorn festival in Canada.

There is no fee to enter the contest. Chefs are responsible for expenses related to preparing and delivering the seasoning. For more information, email me or call 519-426-5870 ext 1238.

This Downtown Revitalization effort is funded in part by Norfolk County and the Government of Ontario.

More about the Routes to Roots Film Festival and Norfolk Popcorn Party at

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