Call Us Mint Jelly, ‘Cause We Love Ontario Lamb

Spring has sprung. That means fresh Ontario lamb will be hitting butcher’s case and grocery store shelves. There’s no better time to discover why Ontario raises some of the best lamb in the world.


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Ontario lamb is fresh, lean, tender, mild and easy to cook! When purchasing fresh Ontario lamb, look for a light to dark pink colour with a firm, fine-grained texture and creamy white fat.

Be mindful when purchasing your lamb. Butchers like the talented team at Sanagan’s Meat Locker in Toronto or VG Meats in Stoney Creek, will be happy to suggest the right cut for you, discuss where the lamb has come from, and how to prepare it. You just might get some cool, creative ideas.

If you don’t have access to a transparent, quality butcher in your area, there’s still hope. Head for a Metro grocer and look for White Valley Lamb. They’re a distributor that partners with an Ontario lamb co-operative so you can be sure that it is fresh, quality product coming from all over the province instead of frozen, from thousands of kilometres away. 

It’s a pretty cool system that allows small farmers to band together to improve distribution channels and gain access to grocery shelf real estate they would otherwise be priced out of by bigger farmers or processors.

Looking for a lamb recipe that’s sure to impress? We dig this Lamb Shwarma from Foodland Ontario.

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