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This award recognizes an Ontario organization or business that delivers an exceptional, authentic consumer experience showcasing the best Ontario food and drink.

  • Awards are based on January – December 2018 activity.
  • Nominations are open to any Ontario-based organization and their membership base.
  • Self Nomination is permitted.
  • Nomination of the third party is permitted. Third party nomination must be accepted by the nominee prior to submission of the nomination.
Should you want to mail your entry, please send it to:
Attn: Agatha Podgorski, Culinary Tourism Alliance, 550 Bayview Avenue, Suite 402, Toronto, Ontario


  • Tell us about your experience. Include information on your region, your brand, your community and how you integrate food and drink into most aspects of your operations.
  • How has your experience contributed to the growth of Ontario's culinary culture?
  • How has your experience engaged stakeholders and community members to grow your messages?
  • How has your experience integrated local food & drinks producers, processors and growers into your tourism story? How are you contributing to a more viable local food system?
  • What were the most significant advancements for your experience in 2018 to recommend you for this award?
  • Please submit 3 hi-res photos to support promotional efforts should you be chosen as a finalist. Photos will may be used to support the following: social media promotion, award ceremony presentation, media outreach and/or web design.
    Drop files here or
    • We highly recommend you submit a few brochures, posters or promotional materials to support your application. If you would like to mail these in, please include a copy of your application checklist. Send any hard copy materials to: Agatha Podgorski, Culinary Tourism Alliance, 550 Bayview Avenue, Suite 402, Toronto, Ontario
      Drop files here or
      • Should you have a promotional video you would like to accompany your application, please paste the link here. Do not upload full videos via the application form.


      The Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence are a celebration of success and an opportunity to recognize those who have made significant contributions to Ontario’s tourism industry. These awards are jointly presented by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation, and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. The Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence are divided into three categories: Tourism Industry Awards of Excellence, Tourism Marketing and Travel Media Awards of Excellence, and of course, the Culinary Tourism Awards of Excellence.

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      For more information on the Ontario Tourism Awards and to apply in other categories, visit: ontariotourismsummit.com/awards
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