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The Ontario Culinary Tourism Awards celebrate leaders in culinary tourism development.

Every year, the Ontario Culinary Tourism Awards are judged by a nominated panel of esteemed judges. Candidates are pulled from industry, media and destination organizations. So, without further ado, a big warm round of applause for our 2015 panel of judges!


Val (1)

Valerie Howes

National Magazine Award-nominated food and travel writer Valerie Howes writes for publications such as Globe and Mail, National Post enRoute, West Jet and Food Arts.

She lives and works in Toronto and is co-authoring a book with Chefs for Oceans founder Ned Bell on sustainable seafood as well as producing a multi-platform project around social entrepreneurship in the food and drink industry.

david.lee (2)

David Lee

Growing up in a multicultural city like Toronto, Dave has always long had an appreciation for good food wherever it comes from. He also has a keen interest in issues surrounding food such as sustainability, labour practices, racism, and sexism. In addition to food he’s also gone deep into the world of craft beer, trying more than 800 unique beers in the process. He currently shares his food and beer thoughts on Instagram (@davesunlee) and Twitter (@davidsunlee). Dave currently works as a photo editor in Toronto.


Adam Waxman

Adam Waxman is the Executive Editor of DINE magazine. As a food, wine and travel journalist he contributes to numerous publications. Adam is an actor and has performed on film, TV and various stages including the Stratford Festival. Watch for him as the host of the TV series The Hungry Wanderer.

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