Ain’t No Party Like a Feast On Party!

We have officially said goodbye to summer – in fact we threw a party to do exactly that! We called it the Evergreen Feast On BBQ and it happened October 14th. It was a fundraiser held at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, with all proceeds going to support Evergreen’s efforts in making our cities greener.

This year, the event featured 10 Feast On chefs, each of whom served up a locally-sourced BBQ creation more spectacular than the last – all while supporting a great cause.


Evergreen�s mission is to inspire action to green cities; the organization works to transform public landscapes into thriving community spaces with environmental, social and economic benefits.

The Feast

We set-out to curate something seriously delicious, and we think we delivered. From borscht to smokey fire grilled sausages to the best-ever butter tarts, our Feast On chefs created dishes they’d eat at the cottage… with all Ontario ingredients of course!

No cottage party is complete without a roaring fire. BBQ Guests were greeted with a roaring fire pit as soon as they walked in the door, while servers passed around what seemed like endless amounts of signature cocktails — including an amazing elderflower gimlet created by Top Shelf Distillers.


Libations didn’t stop there! Thornbury Craft Cider was pouring up their craft spiced apple cider! The Grange Winery, Stratus Vineyards, and Colio Estates could be found behind the bar, keeping wine glasses filled to the top all night.

Once inside, cocktail in hand, it was time to chow down! Each Feast On chef prepared a BBQ inspired dish, and they really outdid themselves this time. We did a super official, totally legitimate, guest survey the night of the event and survey yes: it was delicious!
Our favorites included the Ontario pork belly tacos from Bistro ’67 (divine!) and the stunning maple glazed Heatherlea pork shoulder by Localista — served on a deep fried maple leaf!

Meet the Feast On team that made the magic happen: The Green WoodMaple Leaf TavernBistro ’67Lancaster SmokehouseLocalistaThe Restaurant at the Bruce HotelUrban PantryHeirloom Farm to TruckHawthorne Food and DrinkCafe Belong.

The party would not have been complete without a mountain of butter tarts — we are in cottage country after all! The Butter Tart Tour brought over 600 of their award-winning butter tarts — in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Our favorite was also the most seasonal: a pumpkin pie butter tart! In typical CTA fashion, despite the rain, we finished off the night with a couple toasted ice wine marshmallows from Peller Estates Winery.


The sweetest part of all is that not only did our guests have a great time, but that it was all in support of a good cause. Thank you to everyone who supported our Feast On BBQ. Stay tuned for details on next year!

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