A Unique Cheese Adventure in Oxford County

What drives food lovers to explore Oxford County in the dead of winter? Cheese! Yes, they come here in droves to try more than 70 types of cheese — plus a slew of other delicious dairy products, made in the region.

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This is a cajeta latte from The Old Bakery Cafe created especially for folks exploring the trail. Cajeta is a caramel made by slow cooking goat’s milk until it becomes a sugary syrup. The baristas at The Old Bakery get their cajeta from a local cheesemaker called Local Dairy Products.

Imagine spending your day eating cheese and dairy goodies, which let’s be honest — is the dream. You’ll love the Asiago from Bright’s Cheese & Butter, a firm bodied cheese with smooth texture, or to the Oaxaca cheese from Local Dairy Products, a Mexican style product that is great for quesadillas. There’s extra old cheddar cheese with its buttery and salty flavour, and crumbly aged gouda flecked with dried nettles or cumin seeds.

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Bright Cheese & Butter is one of four cheesemakers on the trail — they won the Premier’s Agrifood Award last year for their Asiago recipe. Try their fiery jalapeno havarti , it was one of our favorites!

But let�s start from the beginning. What is the Oxford County Cheese Trail? It is not what I first imagined: a dirt road, lined with grazing cows and a questionable smell. On the contrary, it is a colourful collection of quiet towns located just two hours from downtown Toronto. Stringing them together are a group of passionate cheesemakers celebrate the regions dairy heritage and endless bounty.

The Cheese Trail is divided into hubs to help you identify cheese makers, museums, restaurants, coffee shops, and artisan stores where you can get handmade things like goat milk soaps and cheeseboards. 

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Adam and his family have been making cheese for over 40 years. They came from Holland with their recipes and traditions and settled in Oxford County. Mountainoak Cheese has since won numerous awards including gold at this year’s Canadian Grande Prix!

Exploring the trail means you can get first hand insight into how the region’s cheese is made, get a behind the scenes peak into cheese cave’s and try creative treats made to celebrate the region’s rich and varied dairy making history — it is the Dairy Capital of Canada after all.


My favorite stops along the trail are also the cheesiest! Check out:

Visit OxfordCountyCheeseTrail.ca and follow others as they explore the trial using #TryTheTrail. 


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