Superstar duo: Ontario teams up with Tuscany

Here at OCTA, we’ve learned a thing or two about wine over the years. What makes a wine special? It’s a combination of a vineyard’s particular terroir (i.e. its soil, climate, and topography), pruning techniques, harvesting times, and a whole host of other considerations and decisions on the part of the winemaker.


But you know what really, truly makes a spectacular wine? Having one of OCTA’s very own interns be involved in the pruning process. Yep, it’s true, grapes just taste better when they’ve been partially pruned by the (magical, elegant) fingers of our communications intern, Alanna, a couple years ago.


We jest, we jest! The real reason we’re excited about this visit from Charlotte Horton and Alexander Greene, the co-owners of Castello di Potentino, is because while they’re here, they’ll be pairing up with local wineries and restaurants to host a number of pop-up dinners together.

You’ll be able to find them teaming up with Grano Ristorante in Toronto on May 13th, with Pazzo Taverna in Stratford on May 14th, and with Cave Spring Cellars in Jordan on May 15th. In addition, they’ll also be joining the OCTA team and a whole host of talented Ontario chefs and hospitality champions at the 8th Annual Terroir Hospitality Symposium.

According to The Vine Estate Wines, who make Potentino’s wines available in Ontario and who are helping them organize their pop-up dinners here, the wines are:

“absolutely lovely … demonstrating a sense of place forged in the microclimate of the valley’s warm days and cool nights; the volcanic soil; and the delicate nature of the Sangiovese and Pinot Noir grapes.”

In addition to being excellent winemakers, Charlotte and Alexander both also happen to be terrific cooks, whose recipes are always local and seasonal–we can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with our lovely Ontario produce! They’ll use the dinners to promote their wines, their farm, their castle and their philosophy.

This is a great opportunity to see two terrific wine regions pairing up to produce something special!

Looking for other pop-up dinners? Check out our events calendar to see what else is in store for May!

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