A Taste Of The County, In The City

Visit the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers� Market this weekend and bring the tastes of Prince Edward County to your home!

We are going to help you put together the perfect County-sourced cheese board. The best thing about this is: there are no rules! We’ve listed some of our favourite vendors to visit, but we encourage you to stop and chat with whatever farm stand catches your eye.

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Vicki�s Veggies

Vickis Veggies is located in Prince Edward County and specializes in artisanal growing and specialty vegetables.

For your basket: A jar of tomato jam, and a jar of pickled peppers (both are made with produce grown on the farm). If they’re available, pick up some Tokyo Turnips to add crunch to your spread.

Humble Bread

Independently owned and located in the heart of Prince Edward County, Humble Bread creates high-quality breads using locally sourced ingredients.

For your basket: A loaf of Kalamata Olive or Raisin Rye � depending if you want sweet or savoury.

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese 
(from Ontario Cheeses)

Native to Prince Edward County, the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company produces hand-made cheeses using locally produced goat and buffalo milk.

For your basket: How to choose! May we suggest… Gloucester Goat, which is made with raw goat and cow milk, this cheese possesses a milky, buttery flavour; Lunetta which is a fresh, creamy and delicately scented cheese that is made from the first milk of spring and then aged in hay for 15 days; and some Capri Blu, a cellar aged, green veined goat�s milk cheese.

Haystrom Farm

Haystrom Farm grows a full range of organic, heritage vegetables but they also make lovely chutneys and jams.

For your basket: Pick up a jar of your favorite to balance that delicious cheese!

Pyramid Ferments

Pyramid Ferments practices the traditional art of lacto-fermentation to create a high quality, handcrafted, local, raw andcultured sauerkraut, kvass and other fermented treats.

For your basket: Wondering what all that cheese is going to do to your gut? Pick up some fermented ‘kraut to restore the balance in your belly. We like the Harissa Kraut.

Hinterland Wine Company

Who has cheese without wine? Not us! Pick up a bottle from the County�s own Hinterland Wine Company.

For your basket: Wild Ferment Cider, it�s dry on the palate with fresh stone fruit on the nose and will compliment your cheese board.

This piece is part of a new series we’re running on where to find tastes of rural Ontario in Toronto. Stay tuned for more regional inspired treats! 





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