A Look Back: Best Events of 2015

As the new year rolls in, we�re taking the time to reflect on our favorite moments of 2015. From roadside snacks to epic airplane adventures, it�s been a wild ride! 

Up next: our favorite events of the last year. There were festivals, dinners, classes and summits — all celebrating local food. Here’s hoping 2016 is equally exciting!

11232653_435381509969126_2044503118_nRebecca�s Epic Moment

?Definitely the Terroir Culinary Retreat at Grandview Farms and the visit to K2 Milling before hand. It was just so cool seeing the whole come together. This year will be even better, and it’s open to all delegates!?

When: April 2015
Where: Grey County, Ontario

10986212_706570952806824_1533801774_nAgatha�s Epic Moment

?This is going to sound really cheesey — but I had a really great time at our Ontario Food Tourism Summit this year! I thought the speakers were all lovely — Nick totally hit it out of the park with his museum talk — and the Jam Jam session was just right thing to break it up. Who doesn’t love a good jam? Sure the whole thing was learning and professional development, but we work in a fun industry. Our events are fun!?

When: November 21
Where: Toronto, Ontario

11264829_1031714280173338_1949179436_nJulia�s Epic Moment

?This one’s easy – June’s Local Food Fest, organized by Taste Real.  And I’m not alone, it just took home Culinary Event of the Year at this year’s Ontario Tourism Summit Awards. A beautiful community event that showcases the bounty and the charming grassroots feel of Wellington County. Here’s more on the event.?

When: June
Where: Wellington County

11909169_498716196955661_223695427_nAnna�s Epic Moment

?Riverfest Elora. Great local food, wine and beer, amazing music, and the best small town in Ontario (ok, I’m biased!)?

When: August
Where: Elora, Ontario

Honourable mentions

Okay, we didn�t each just choose one. You can�t! There�s just too much. Here are the moments we all just can�t stop talking about.


 What was your best moment of 2015? Let us know!


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