A Look Back: Best Bottles of 2015

As the new year rolls in, we’re taking the time to reflect on our favorite moments of 2015. From roadside snacks to epic airplane adventures, it’s been a wild ride! 

Up next: our favorite bottles of the last year. From wine to beer to cider, it seems there’s something amazing being poured every minute in Ontario!

2015-09-10 05.33.07 1Rebecca’s Best Bottle

“Pint of Moonlit Wit from Northwinds Brewery in Collingwood. Perfectly refreshing at the end of the day paired with fries and aioli – Julia and I enjoyed them on a visit to the brewery earlier this fall, I’ve been hooked since.”

When: October 2015
Where: Collingwood, Ontario

11311158_1453324198304646_885054128_nAgatha�s Best Bottle

?Hands down, my favorite sipper of 2015 is still the Cherryosity from West Avenue Cider. It’s available at a couple places near my home base, but more and more I’m seeing it on curated tap lists. It’s fruity yet dry, perfectly effervescent, and just oh so perfect.?

When: July 2015
Where: In better bars and pubs across Ontario

IMG_20150826_140220Julia�s Best Bottle

?Picking just one winner is tough. Too tough. So I’m going to go ahead and make it a tie between the Grange‘s legendary Bunny Wine (a pinot/gamay blend that oh yes, comes in magnums only) and Hinterland’s Whitecap, a crisp sparkling option with hints of citrus and peach. Delicious! ?

When: June 2013
Where: The Grange, Prince Edward County

12142313_531907636959145_359633984_nAnna’s Best Bottle

“The Peach Berliner Wiess, from Burdock, here in Toronto. They made a couple of batches using Niagara peaches that tasted like summer in a bottle. I didn’t think I would love sour beer, but that wiesse made me a believer.”

When: August
Where: Burdock, Toronto

Honourable mentions

Okay, we didn�t each just choose one. You can�t! There�s just too much. Here are the things we drank that we all just can�t stop talking about.

What was your best bottle of 2015? Let us know!

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