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10 Ontario Bakeries Winning The Instagram Game

With the abundance of food-focused social media accounts, we thought it appropriate to turn the spotlight onto our province�s ever-talented bakers and artisans. 

Follow these ten Ontario Bakeries on Instagram and you will feast your eyes on the coolest shots of bread we’ve ever seen, rack up some seriously drool worthy doughnuts and maybe even meet a cute farm animal or two.

1  A�  De La Terre Bakery  @delaterrebakery

11262632_971358676221370_1647051923_nDe Le Terre specializes in organic artisan breads and pastries made in-house — they share a lot of the process behind their bread and photos that tell the stories of artisans in their region. Stories like that of Tom Neufeld at Spring Creek Milling in Campen, who provides flour for some of their breads.

2  A�  Creemore Kitchen & Bake Shop  @creemorekitchen


Caesar and his team make amazing food — and ri-don-kew-lous doughtnuts. Available in the bake shop attached to the restaurants, these babies are drawing crowds from across Ontario. You can see some of the varieties we love — like the simple Milk & Honey beauty above — on their instagram feed amongst photos of luscious fried chicken and other seasonally appropriate fare.

3  A�  Polestar Hearth  @polestarhearth

IMG_0695With all the close ups of crusts and beauty shots of crumb, Polestar Hearth in Guelph has us like whoa. Their breads are made the old fashioned way — baked in a brick oven, using only flour, water, sea salt and culture. Bonus: they launched a bread share last year that has us wanting to move to Guelph.

4  A�  Blackbird Bakery  @BBirdCo


Simon Blackwell of Black Bird Bakery in Kensington Market, Toronto, has a team of bakers who kill it on the regular. From beautiful baguettes to loaves made with Ontario grown red fife to croissants that make us weak in the knees, they’ve got you covered.

5  A�  Detour Cafe  @_detourcafe

10983702_1539054986355168_2052990_nOkay, you caught us — Detour Cafe in Dundas is more coffee shop than bakery, but their homemade baked goods are totally stealing the show! From dainty tea cookies (like the one above!) to housemade local fruit pies, we’re swooning over the snaps of everything that comes out of their oven.

6  A�  Elora Bread Trading Company  @elorabread

1597125_1375165272749215_1920757361_nElora Bread Trading Company has becoming the beating heart of downtown Elora. There seems to always be people coming and going with sandwiches, loaves and other morsels. The sheer variety of loaves they baked by hand, in house is astounding — and provides great Instagram fodder.

7  A�  Cake and Loaf Bakery  @cakeandloafbakery


Not so long ago we shared Cake and Loaf’s amazing ginger naps with guests at our Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit — it was but the first of our long standing love affair with this energetic, creative group of bakers. Since, we’ve been known to drive to Hamilton just to buy a doughnut — and it’s totally worth it, everytime.

8  A�  Greatful Bread Baking Co.  @greatfulbreadgirls


The grateful bread girl win the at challah. Savoury challahs (like the one made with Bumper Crop Beer Onions and Ontario cheddar!) or sweet, you can’t really go wrong. Their instagram is a mish mash of their lives and loaves — and it’s got us hooked.

9  A�  Bread By Us  @breadbyus

12407369_1041054382618686_782287020_nThis Ottawa bakery is sharing some serious sourdough. This month, they were on the cover of Edible Ottawa’s grain issue — and we’ve been following them ever since. 


9  A�  Field House Bakery  A�  @FieldHousePerth



Just steps from Stewart Park in Perth, Ontario, Field House is a haven for flakey croissants, crispy crust sourdough and – gasp! – some of the seediest bagels we ever did see. Give them a follow for snaps of their breads and a unique perspective on Lanark County!

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