7 More Ways to Use Icewine, Because Why Not!

Icewine is a good thing — but as some would say, too much of a good thing is not always good. We love the rich, luscious texture of this liquid gold, but getting through a whole bottle in an evening can mean feeling like a hot mess the next day.

So to solve this dilemma, we’ve sourced some fun and delicious ways to use icewine that celebrate its unique flavour beyond the glass. You can make these at home, or better yet try them at participating wineries in Niagara all month long. Enjoy!


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fEASTON_badgeOne word: marshmallows. Skip over boring old vanilla and sub in some beautiful Ontario icewine. That’s what Chef Jason Parsons of Peller Estates Winery does. At home, you can then float them in hot cocoa, or better yet, get yourself to Niagara and toast them over wood fires at the winery!

Add it to onions. Low and slow caramelized onions yearn for a splash to deglaze the pan. The team at the Yellow Pair know this too. They’re serving peameal ?sammies� topped with icewine caramelized onions at Mike Weir Winery all weekend, while the folks at Trius are serving theirs laced through a decadent onion jam!

fEASTON_badgePair it with duck. That’s right; the rich, fatty texture of duck pairs beautifully with icewine. It’s a pairing Chef Ross of Ravine Vineyard loves so much, he’s serving up Confit Duck Tartlets with Ravine’s icewine right now.

Shake it into a martini. Cut the sugar, but keep the flavour by stirring up a cocktail like the folks at Megalomaniac.  Not sure how? They’ll be teaching folks throughout the festival.

Use it as a ?dosage?� which means adding a splash to your sparkling wine or cocktail to give them a new, complex dimension. That’s how the folks at Kacaba want you to experience their Cabernet Franc Icewine anyway — intertwined with their award winning Effervescence Brut Sparkling. 

Put it in a slushie machine. Who says snow cones are just for summer? Not The Ice House. We know you love your “frozA�” — and trust us, this is better.

Make it into vinegar. Did you get through half the bottle and amidst the revelry, forget it in the fridge? Don’t worry! Icewine makes one of the most beautiful, versatile vinegar we’ve ever seen. Here’s a how-to link.


Want to stick to the classic icewine experience? Chill your Icewine first. It�s called a ?dessert wine,? which means you should enjoy it with dessert. Make sure your dessert is sweeter than your wine — think caramel or custard; and if it’s a red icewine, definitely think chocolate.

Learn more about icewine — how it’s made and where to get it — with Wine Country Ontario.




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