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9 Instagramming Ice Cream Makers To Follow Right Now

When you play the #GamesOfCones, you win or you… melt. Here are 9 ice cream makers winning our instagram hearts!

Follow Belly Ice Cream as they experiment with new flavours, add extra chocolate to everything and churn some quality Ontario jersey herd milk into beautiful, scoop-able ice cream. We’ll take one scoop of Muskoka Mocha Maple and a second of Niagara Peach, please!

Death In Venice, be ours. We fell in love with this small batch ice cream maker after a collaboration with Sanagan’s Meat Locker in Toronto last month. The two came together and created “blood pudding chocolate gelato” rich with Ontario pig blood soaked raisins, cinnamon and hazelnuts. It was divine!

These Hamilton based scoop wizards load their churns with Niagara fruit and scoop them at events across Southern Ontario. Find them at the Toronto Bakers Market, the MKRS MRKT in Burlington and popping at wineries across Niagara.

Bang, Bang Ice Cream has become a Toronto institution — and when starring into the soul of this triple scoop, it’s easy to see why. Ontario strawberry ice cream, classic vanilla bean and the darkest of chocolates has us melting.

Besides having the most adorable logo around, these guys have taken Ottawa by storm… literally. They had a soft opening just a few weeks ago and will be coming back full force July 29th — with Ontario cherry ice cream on board! We can’t wait.

Okay, so Roselle is technically a pastry shop — but they make some of the sweetest soft serve sundaes in town. All summer, jump onto the ‘buttermilk soft serve with Ontario strawberry coulis and caramalized graham’ bandwagon y’all.

Slickers has been luring folks to Bloomfield in Prince Edward County for over a decade. We’re slaves to their Ontario rhubarb and ginger ice cream, but others swear the campfire is best. Either way, you can’t make a bad call at this scoop shop!

Henry Brown’s is located at the back of the newly renovated Hamilton Farmer’s Market — kitty corned from Pokeh Bar, swoon! We’re big fans of the HK Milk Tea but won’t say no to their odd ball flavours like Wasabi Honey or Peanut Brittle.

Our Junior Community Manager, Dasola, turned us onto this Unionville ice cream shop — and we’re hooked! From soft serve to scoops piled high into the sky, they’re serious about their ice cream!