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5 Ways to Get Anywhere (in Ontario!) Without A Car

We spend a lot of time day dreaming about road trips and rural adventures in the most delicious nooks and crannies of Ontario — probably more than we should, especially since we’re not drivers! 


Not owning a car hasn’t stopped us from eating our way across Ontario though! There’s plenty of ways to get around this big, BIG province. Here are our favorites.

VIA Rail
Starting at $33   |   Year Round Service   |   viarail.ca

For those traveling along the Windsor – Montreal corridor, VIA Rail is a great option. It also travels out as far as Sioux Lookout for those looking to head north. Bonus, unlike our national airline — VIA Rail serves Ontario wines on board!

Go Bus
Starting at $10   |   Year Round Service   |   gotransit.com

For those looking to explore the out reaches of the GTA, the GO Bus is a great option. It stops in many of our favorite edible destinations like Kitchener, Caledon, Niagara Falls and Peterborough. Some of the destinations are also accessible by train, but with free WiFi available at most GO stations, bus terminals and on some GO Buses– we’ll stick to the bus!

Park Bus
Starting at $51   |   Year Round, but Limited Winter Service   |   parkbus.ca

Leaving from Toronto and Ottawa, Park Bus is a great way to get out and enjoy Ontario’s Provincial Parks. This season, they’ve got shuttles heading up to Arrowhead Provincial Park — perfect for those who love skating as Arrowhead is home to Ontario’s celebrated skate trail! In the summer months, they head up seven different parks including the Bruce Peninsula National Park!


Ontario Group Of Touring Companies
Starting at $79   |   Year Round Service   |  ontariogroupoftouringcompanies.com

Sometimes, it’s not that you don’t have a car — it’s that you don’t want to drive it! When heading to wine country, look to OGTC for a chaffeur service for up to 20 guests. They also do great beer-themed tours of Guelph and Mississauga. 

Car Sharing
Starting at $29   |   Year Round Service 

There are numerous car sharing businesses setting up shop in Ontario. It’s a great way get access to car if you don’t need one regularly, and it’s environmentally friendly! Try Zip Car in Toronto or VRTUCAR in Ottawa.

Craigslist/Phone A Friend
Starting at a case of beer   |   Year Round Service

If all else fails, you can always put an ad on Craigslist looking for a ride. Often times, folks will gladly carpool in exchange for gas money or a six pack of good beer! 

None of these fit your bill? Don’t forget about: