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5 Really Good Jams For The Local Food Obsessed in Ontario

Have you seen our Greatest EVER All-Ontario Gift Guide yet? It’s jam-packed with over 30 delicious ideas for even the most discerning of foodie friends. Curiously though, there’s no jam.

On that note, let’s get something out in the open. We love jam. We’re down right, head over heels for jam. It’s reaching dangerous Joey-esque levels.

Jam is delicious. It tastes like summer. Every time we open a jar of jam, it reminds us of all the delicious warm-weather foods we have to look forward too. It’s like sunshine with a twist top. We’d be thrilled to get jam this Christmas. So, without being too forward, here’s 5 amazing jams we’ve got our eyes on right now.


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Ontario Blueberry & Blackberry Spread

Stasis Preserves, Toronto

Normally, blueberry jam is a little cloying for our tastes, but Stasis cuts theirs with plump blackberries and barely there cranberries. It’s balanced and while we’d happily eat it straight from the jar, it deserves to be served with some crumbly, extra old Ontario cheddar. stasispreserves.com


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Spiced Bumbleberry Jam

Thyme & Again Creative Catering, Ottawa

Heads up: there’s no such thing as a bumbleberry. It’s actually a mix of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and apples. It’s basically the kitchen sink of jams, but the folks at Thyme & Again do it oh so right — with just a hint of spice! thymeandagain.ca



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White Balsamic & Ontario Tomato Jam

South Pond Farms, Pontypool

Part of the ‘Farm Flavours From the Garden’ series, this savoury jam is made on the farm by Danielle French (of Netflix fame, congrats Danielle!) and her team. We love it shmeared on toast but are equally happy tossing a tablespoon or two with hot, fresh pasta. southpondfarms.ca


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Carrot Cake Jam

Jessie’s Jams, Stirling

Mary Ann Rutledge has been making jam in The Great Waterway since 1985 using Mennonite recipes. Her carrot cake jam is like dessert in a jar, but you know —
healthy-ish sounding thanks to the arm full of carrots in each jar. Vegetables are good for you right? jessiesjams.com



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Damson Plum & Early Grey Jam

Kitten & The Bear, Toronto

Made with flavourful heirloom damson plums and just a hint of bergamot scented earl grey tea, this is a really sophisticated jam — though we won’t judge you for licking the jar clean. We’d save this one for the daintiest thumb print cookies and a cuppa tea too! kittenandthebear.com[/ezcol_4fifth_end]