3 New(ish) Canadian Food Books You Need To Read Now

We’re constantly reading anything and everything we can find on the world wide web about food in Canada, but sometimes, nothing beats a good book. Whether you need it to keep you company on your next road trip or just want to curl up with a cuppa at home, one of these three books is sure to please even the most voracious foodie.


The New Farm: Our Ten Years On The Front Lines Of The Good Food Revolution

by Brent Preston

Brent Preston and his partner, Gillian Flies, are like the super supportive, always revered and forever humble god-parents of the new good food movement in Ontario. Brent’s book is as inspiring (and funny!) as he is and tells the story of his move into agriculture and what it takes to run The New Farm, one of Ontario’s favorite farms. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful book. If you love food as much as we do, you’ll love it.


The First Mess Cookbook: Vibrant Plant�Based Recipes to Eat Well Through the Seasons

by Laura Wright

No one who follows our work would ever think we were vegan, but Laura’s book, full of dramatic images and stories from her life living in the Niagara Region, makes us think we could be. Flip through seasonal recipes for smoothies, salads and creative vegetable dishes that’ll have you craving all things crunchy, regardless the season.


FEAST: Recipes & Stories From A Canadian Road Trip

by Lindsay Anderson and Dana Vanveller

Lindsay and Dana drove across the country to gather recipes from all the extraordinary people that make Canada so great. It’s a collection that could speak to the diversity of not only Canada�s (crazy good) food, but also its people and its landscape. From British Columbia to Newfoundland — and of course, Ontario, this is a great tome on the people and places that make our food scene shine.

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