Wines of Local: Union Red 2009

From The County to the Escarpment to Lake Erie and beyond, Ontario is growing some beautiful grapes and turning them into some of the best wines we�ve ever had! With ?The 12 Wines of Local?, OCTA�s staff are pouring their favorite #LCBOgolocal wines � just in time for the upcoming holiday season.A�A�Come discover what�s in our glass!


After a long day at the office, Calantha likes to unwind with a smooth and well-balanced glass of wine. Union’s 2009 Red, a four grape blend, definitely fits this bill. A�Have a great week OCTA oenophiles!

The familiarity of flavours here makes for soothing sips – letting you focus on the tasks at hand, like making dinner! Pour yourself another glass and enjoy it with a creamy fettuccine Alfredo topped with barbecued chicken.

A�Union Red VQA 2009A�is a wine for laid-back occasions. Combining Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Gamay Noir, it’s complex yet uniform enough not to be flashy or demanding. Enjoyably fruity, you’ll be caught up immediately in the intricate but familiar dance between sweet and tart, so characteristic of plums and cherries.

What makes this wine more interesting is that it hails from a Virtual Winery, which Union describes as “no vineyards, no winery, no equipment.” A�Instead, Union sources their wine from local producers, creating a truly blended bottle – not only of varietals, but regional vineyards as well.

An added bonus? With no major overhead costs, Union can market their wine at a reasonable $13.95 – meaning your wallet can take the night off too!

Find it at your local LCBO:
VINTAGES 197152A�| 750 mL bottleA�

Price: $13.95

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