Wines of Local: Sprucewood Shores

From The County to the Escarpment to Lake Erie and beyond, Ontario is growing some beautiful grapes and turning them into some of the best wines we�ve ever had! With ?The 12 Wines of Local?, OCTA�s staff are pouring their favorite #LCBOgolocal wines � just in time for the upcoming holiday season.A�Come discover what�s in our glass!


You don’t have to be Chris DeBurgh to enjoy this week’s fruity, rich wine of local.A� Pat continues her exploration of red wines with Lady in Red 2008 from Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery.

“I brought it home to pair with a nicely aged grass-raised steak from my local butcher, Meating on Queen. It’s a cabernet-merlot blend, and had very good mellow fruit flavors, and I sensed a little tobacco, eucalyptus and chocolate. A great pairing with a black and blue steak that’s got a little garlic and pepper, and a simple side of butternut squash mashed with butter!

The LCBO is also carrying their 2010 vintage now. Lack of grape varietal description on the label signals to me that it’s likely a more complex blend — later checking on Sprucewood Shores website confirms that it’s a blend of 4 grapes aged in oak for 18 months.

Low in tannins, it has good dark cherry and blackberry fruit without that over-baked pie-like jammy quality that sometimes happens with a hot summer. Definitely younger than its sister, the flavors areA�fresh, and I can picture pairing this with a roast beet and chevre salad before dinner, or with panna cotta and fresh berries for dessert.”

One of the newer wineries on Lake Erie, Sprucewood Shores is definitely not a one hit wonder. Here’s what Steve Mitchell has to say about what makes his winery unique:

Find it at your local LCBO:
LCBOA�266486A�| 750 mL bottleA�

Price: $ 14.95

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