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From The County to the Escarpment to Lake Erie and beyond, Ontario is growing some beautiful grapes and turning them into some of the best wines we�ve ever had! With ?The 12 Wines of Local?, OCTA�s staff are pouring their favorite #LCBOgolocal wines � just in time for the upcoming holiday season.A�Come discover what�s in our glass!


Yes, even loyally married couples can enjoy a foreign affair without guilt! A�Pat continues her exploration of red wines with Conspiracy 2010 from The Foreign Affair Winery.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Len and Marisa Crispino this fall at a wine function, and learned about how both of them fell in love while in Italy… with a wine method that hadn’t been used in Ontario –A�appassimento. From the Veneto region, it’s an old technique that involves harvesting the grapes, then allowing them to shrivel and dry before using them to make wines.

It’s shockingly different from how most wines are created–which requires obtaining the juice from the grapes as soon as possible after harvest.A� This time is even more critical with icewine.

Upon their return to to Canada, they quickly realized that they couldn’t leave behind the ghost of their love affair, and so was born The Foreign Affair.

The process has enabled them to create distinctive, award winning wines. Conspiracy 2011 has been selected as the official red wine at Queen’s Park for next year.

It uses grapes handled in the appassimento method and is also a ripasso style wine. This means that the wine has been passed through the pomace (a term for the mash of grape skins and flesh) a second time, increasing the complexity of the wine.A� This usually induces an additional fermentation, resulting in a wine that is richer and contains more alcohol.

The taste of Conspiracy 2010 was rich, with blackberry, dark jammy fruitsA� and overripe fig notes. Smooth tannins and chocolate take you along for a ride as well. Blindfolded. You want to be on the ride.

I had the opportunity to talk with Len about what makes The Foreign Affair Winery unique:

Yes, take this wine on a date. You’re going to feel like you’ve been very, very naughty.

Find it at your local LCBO:
Vintages 149237 | 750 mL bottleA�

Price: $ 19.95

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