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Ontario’s Top 10 Instagrammin’ Artisans

There’s no doubt about it, Instagram was made for pictures of food. Sweet, savoury, breakfast, lunch, dinner – basically any dish under the sun can be shared on the social media platform. With food photography becoming more and more accessible, it seemed apropos to feature some of Ontario’s talented local artisans.

Follow these 10 artisanal producers on Instagram for a mouthwatering insta-feed. But beware, these inspired images will be sure to make you hungry! #loveONTfood

1. Blackbird Baking Co

Located in Toronto, in the heart of Kensington Market, this bakery offers some delicious hand-crafted bread. Tune in to their feed for behind the scene photos of their bread baking process or let your jaw drop as you look at the delicious end products. Sourdough seed loaves, we’re looking at you.

Blackbird Baking Co

2. Rosewood Estates

The original BuzzFeed! This beekeeping family is probably best known for their VQA wine and Estate mead, but their most exciting Instagram photos tend to feature their craft honey. With over 250 hives located across Niagara’s Escarpment & Greenbelt, you could say they know a thing or two about bees. Live the beekeeping life vicariously through Rosewood’s spectacular photography.


3. Kitten and the Bear

Situated on Queen Street West in downtown Toronto, Kitten and the Bear crafts some seriously stunning small batch jams, preserves, and marmalades. Ontario Strawberry, Plum and Elderflower Jam, anyone? Made with seasonal ingredients, their handmade preserves are perfect for serving at an afternoon tea or giving away as gifts. Their food photos are generally fruit filled and call to mind the best summer has to offer!

Kitten and the Bear

4. Elora Bread Trading Co.

We have a real soft spot for this artisanal bakery – co-owner Calantha Elsby is a former OCTA intern! And while we miss her presence around the office, it’s definitely for the best – her bread is just too good not to share with the world. We love watching the always exciting partnerships Calantha and Sonya Cheng strike up with local producers, including Moss Berry Farm, F&M Brewery and Detour Coffee. From spent grain bread and baguettes, to daily focaccias and seasonal galettes, Elora Bread is a veritable feast for the eyes.

Elora Bread

5. Seed To Sausage

Meat, meat, and more meat! For those addicted to charcuterie, Seed To Sausage is the perfect feed for you. With house cured hand and italian salami, their photos are sure to bring out the meat cravings in almost anyone. They also post photos of their Ploughmans Lunch Specials and what they’re sampling at their two locations, so their Instagram is a great way to keep updated with their daily wares.

Seed To Sausage

6. Cake + Loaf

This artisan bakery, located in Hamilton, focuses on special occasion cakes as well as artisan breads and pastries. If you attended our Summit last year, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Those with a sweet tooth definitely won’t want to miss the sugary visuals found on their Instagram. And if you see a donut related post, start the car…they’re likely to swiftly sell out.

Cake + Loaf

7. Monforte Dairy

At Monforte Dairy, our dairy godmother Ruth Klahsen believes in celebrating the simple pleasures of life. Their beautiful, clean Instagram feed is further evidence of this ethos. We’re also partial to their rotating signboards…#gratersgonnagrate.


8. Hogtown Charcuterie

Dedicated to producing the best charcuterie possible, their love for meat is evident through their stunning photos. These artisanal producers post often and are definitely a must-follow for food fanatics. Visuals include bacon rolls, summer sausages, pepperettes, pretzels, pickled vegetables, and so much more.

Hogtown Charcuterie

9. Bread By Us

This artisan bakery based in Ottawa specializes in small-batch sourdough bread baking. Beautiful aesthetics is important to their company culture and evident through their gorgeous Instagram images. Filled with rye and fennel loaves, hot cross buns, brioche, etc., you won’t want to miss out on seeing their food photos!

Bread By Us

10. Top Shelf Preserves

This canning company focuses on small batch pickles and preserves. With bright pops of colour and a wide variety of seasonal produce, their Instagram photos showcase artisanal production at its best. Bonus – they’re friends with Seed to Sausage (see #5). Pickles and charcuterie…that’s our definition of heaven.

Top Shelf Preserves

And while you’re in scroll mode, why not add @OCTA_licious to your feed-ing frenzy!