10 Things We Can’t Wait To Eat At The 2018 Terroir Symposium

We’re giddy with anticipation of Monday’s Terroir Symposium at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Besides the plethora of talented speakers and hands-on beverage sessions, this years’ event has a seriously delicious food program in the works.


This dip-able, warm truffle hummus is one of 10 delicious dishes being created by amazing GTA chefs at the 12th Annual Terroir Symposium.


Lunch at the Terroir Symposium is never your typical conference food. Last year, folks were flash frying fish bits to showcase sustainable ways to eat seafood, which the year before had us eating vegeterian delights from the countries best chefs.

This year, this are once again a little different. We’ve brought in suburban food expert Suresh Doss to curate a varied cornucopia of his favorite mom ‘n pop shops from around the GTA. They’ll be serving some of Doss’s favorite foods, including laksa, shawarma and dosas.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on offer during lunch at the 2018 Terroir Symposium.

lion city toronto1

We got to taste this delicious, slurp-able soup by chef Elle Sim in March during planning and we can assure you, it is delicious!

1_blueChef Elle Sim of Lion City is serving a rich, coconut tinged chicken laksa– a Peranakan dish, consisting of twisty noodles traditionally served in a curry sauce or hot soup and topped with delicious things like soy stained egg, bean sprouts, deep fried tofu and herbs.

2_blueChef Bashir Munye of Munye Kitchen is making a stew of locally-grown organic sweet potato, callaloo and pecans with injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread traditionally made out of teff flour, popular in Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, and Eritrea.

3_blueFor those you who like shawarma, you’ll know that chef Ali Dbouk of Ghadir Meats in Scarborough makes some of the best! Established in 1992 Ghadir Meat Market continues to be the destination for people looking for quality meat — and delicious Lebanese food.

4_blueEver heard of Kibbeh bi Seeneeya? This unique Syrian speciality is being served up by chef Amir Fattal of Beroea Kitchen. It’s essentially a savoury pie. Inside, layered between a top and bottom crust, you’ll find ground beef, burgul, onion, almonds, and baharaat, topped with fragrant ghee.

5_blue Indigenous chef Shawn Adler is joining us from Pow Wow Cafe in Kensington Market, and he’ll have some of his favorite Canadian ingredients in tow. He and his team will be cooking up not one, but two dishes: Smoked duck and lye corn soup with duck fat popcorn, plus a warm, wild rice salad with smoked Arctic char.


How delicious does this little boat of goodness from Kitchen Guerilla look?

6_blueChef Roshan Kanagarajah of Kitchen Guerrilla will be cooking up what he calls a ‘taste of Sri Lanka’. For him, that means a Jaffna goat curry, topped with eggplant moju, coconut sambal, crispy fried sprats, parotta flatbread and a hard boiled egg, for good measure. Sounds pretty good to us!

7_blueIt wouldn’t be a World Food Court without a hefty dose of Hakka on the menu. That’s why we’re so excited to have Joanna and Jeanette of Yueh Tung Restaurant in Scarborough joining the program. They’ll be serving up some fiery Chilli Chicken on Rice.


Chef Reesa Khan of Mona’s Roti in Scarborough is joining us with her famous Trinidadian chicken roti in tow — and some spicy, fried chickpea doubles for good measure. Doubles are essentially two baras (a savoury fried bread) filled with curry channa.

9_BLUEOn the Thai front, their will be plenty of Spiced Cocunut Chicken from Chef Noureen Feerasta of Rickshaw Bar in Toronto. Chef Noureen and her team are no strangers to Terroir. This will be their second year cooking for the hungry crowds.

10_BLUEAnd last but certainly not least, we’ve got the folks from Parallel in Toronto coming to serve their amazing hummus. Chef Tomer Markovitz makes his own tahini in house; it’s a key ingredient in many of Parallel’s signature dips. For Terroir, he’ll be topping his truffled hummus with soy mushrooms, warm chickpeas, paprika, cumin, parsley and yes, more truffle oil.


Eat all this and more at the 12th Annual Terroir Symposium in Toronto.


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