Ontario Culinary Tourism Awards of Excellence

Every year, the Ontario Culinary Tourism Awards are judged by a nominated panel of esteemed judges.  Candidates are pulled from industry, media and destination organizations.

Doug O’Neill

Doug O’Neill is Executive Editor & Travel Blogger for Canadian Living magazine.  While Doug has travelled to approximately 50 countries around the world, his roots are firmly planted in rural Ontario.   Doug was raised in a small hamlet of 151 people (Phelpston, Ontario) smack in the middle of farm country. “I love the way Ontario food producers have taken a new direction in the last decade or so. When I was a kid, my family cash-cropped cucumbers for Bics. Thankfully, the local food-to-table scene is so much more robust now. We have a lot in Ontario to brag about when it comes to culinary tourism.”   Doug has worked for numerous publications throughout his career (Toronto Life, Homemakers, Canadian Living, Toronto Magazine …) and is an active member of several travel media associations.


Marc&StephSteph Mackie & Mark Biernacki  @Stephomac @MPBiernacki

Steph Mackie and Mark Biernacki are co-owners of Mackie Biernacki, an idea company that believes a brand needs fresh thinking in unexpected places to inspire action. They have partnered with both OCTA and Feast ON in creating their respective brand and digital identities. They thrive on creative that breaks new ground; be it film, social, design, or good food, drink, and hospitality!  Visit: mackiebiernacki.com



J. Charles Grieco


J. Charles Grieco is the Chair and President of the Ontario Hostelry Institute (The OHI).

The OHI is an industry-based organization that focuses on quality and innovations in post-secondary institutions that attracts and provides professional education for the industry.

To learn more about the OHI and their efforts, visit: www.theOHI.ca



To learn more, take a look at the Judges Criteria or contact Agatha Podgorski at 416-644-3601

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